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Anatomy of an April Fools' Day Breakfast

Jello in oranges? An April Fools' Day classic. I added my own twist to breakfast by carefully opening a yogurt, scooping it all out, washing and drying the container and then adding in dried cereal and carefully gluing the cap back on. And for the record, I wasn't sure the orange with jello would slice easily- it totally does and the jello stays in place really well. I didn't have to modify the classic jello recipe in any way.

Last year, I tried to take the idea to the next level and I very carefully scooped banana out of a peel and replaced it with lemon jello which I then tightly wrapped with saran wrap while it set. It worked but really, the oranges make more sense. You can see my banana trick here and you can also see my version of a classic April Fools' Day "fried egg" here- I was pretty pleased with my poppy seed addition. And of course, you still have time to duplicate my April Fools' Day LUNCH from last year too.

Happy April Fools' Day everyone!

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Reader Comments (1)

These are so clever! An idea for next year: pre-sliced bananas (for putting in cereal). You take a needle & thread, and poke into one of the "ribs" of the banana, guiding the needle along the skin, and out the next rib. Go back in the hole you just made, along to the next one, and all the way around the banana until you get to your starting point. Pull both ends of the thread, and the banana will get sliced on the inside! Do this every 1/2" or so all the way up the banana, and you'll have pre-sliced fruit that will have the kids really stumped as to how you became so magical!! :)

April 1, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCarolina Moore

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