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Anatomy of an April Fools' Day Lunch

I know. I am a little obsessed but since April Fools' Day doesn't fall on a school day this year, I decided that I would do one extra day of pranking and I've already gotten my kids' lunches ready while they were outside playing today. So, I thought I would share in case you'd like to extend your April Fools' Day out until tomorrow too. You can always borrow ideas from my Anatomy of an April Fools' Day lunch from last year or take some tips from this year's lunch:

Cheetos: I am recycling the carrots in the Cheetos bag from last year because they need a little veg in their lunch and it's a good, easy trick. You simply open the bottom of the Cheetos bag carefully, eat all the Cheetos (duh) and then use a dry napkin to gently wipe the inside of the bag clean and then add a bunch of carrots and seal the bottom of the bag (simple scrapbooking tape runner does the trick).

Gatorade: The Gatorade won't fool them for long- my kids only get water in their lunch usually so they're going to be suspicious of this trick. I emptied out all the Gatorade and replaced the contents with Jello and let it set up overnight in the refrigerator. I used the leftover Jello from the oranges I made for breakfast this morning. I'll add a spoon at the bottom of their lunch so they can eat the Jello too- a great reason to use Gatorade bottles for this trick because they have a larger neck and opening than, say, water bottles.

Cheese Sandwich: The sandwich is a recycled classic. I made these "grilled cheese" for dinner a few years ago. All you need is one of those frozen Sara Lee poundcakes (makes it easier to cut into slices if it's frozen) and some dyed frosting. For tomorrow's school lunches, I'm not doing anything special to the bread but if you're serving this at home, I recommend browning the sides of the "bread" in a little butter- just liked real grilled cheese. You get a really authentic look that way.

Cat Treats: My wild card this year is the cat food. I know, it's weird but I couldn't help myself. The packaging was too purrfect. Plus, SO many cereals look suspiciously like cat and dog food. I made sure to buy a dried cat treat to make cleaning out the packaging easier. To clean it out, I dumped out the cat treats (yuck) and swirled white vinegar and warm water around in the packaging. I also did a few cycles of non-toxic dish soap and rinsed really well. I definitely didn't want a cat food smell messing up my treat! Once the package was thoroughly dried, I added in the "cat food" and completely sealed up the bottom (again, scrapbook tape runner works just fine). On first glance, it will look like this is a completely sealed bag from the manufacturer but I know my kids will catch on quickly and delight in grossing out their friends by eating their "cat treats" (Cracklin' Oat Bran cereal works well but Reeses Cereal Puffs, Coco Puffs, Chocolate Cheerios are all great too).


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