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Craft Wars Vets Pop Craft Challenge- Episode #3 (Coco the Chicken's Toy Box)

First, can I just say that I have exceeded my own expectations of myself? I have completed 2 Craft Wars Pop Challenges in a row! The lazy side of me did have it's moment though which manifested itself in making sure I wasn't motivated enough to re-watch the episode from last week to remind myself EXACTLY what the Pop Challenge was supposed to be. My fellow Craft Wars Vets (past and future contestants of Craft Wars, Season 1) challenged each other to make the Pop Craft and the words "toy box" and "pet supplies" caught my imagination but, in sitting down to write this blog post, I am vaguely remembering that I should have used toys to make the toy box. Which I didn't. But you get the idea. I stuck to an hour, I stayed true to a few key words from the episode and used only supplies  I had on hand (which is what I always do anyway, I guess- part of the lazy factor again. Do people really drive to the craft store to buy all new supplies for projects? Show offs.).

When the Craft Wars Vets started talking about toy boxes, one of them (Lisa Fulmer?) said she planned to make a toy box for her puppy. Since my kids already have toy boxes (NEVER use them, of course), I started thinking about making a toy box for my favorite pooch. Then my mind wandered to something I can't seem to stop thinking about since watching episode #3: Tori Spelling's pet. Yes. The chicken. A chicken. A chicken named Coco, no less. I'm not sure why I'm so fascinated with the concept of her carrying around a fluffy feather duster of a chicken in the same way someone might carry around a teacup poodle but I am. I decided the only way to quit thinking about Coco the chicken was to just ride the obsession out until I am done with it (this is my solution for all of my many fleeting obsessions). So, I give you my Pop Craft: A toy box of sorts for Tori Spelling's pet (yes, pet) chicken Coco...

The very moment I started thinking of making something for Coco, I wanted chicken wire. I was thinking of that bigger stuff that has octagon-like links. Then I realized it would be too big for Coco's toys because at the begining of this craft, I was still fantasizing that I might figure out what a chicken might consider a toy before I was through. When I mentioned needing smaller chicken wire to Mr. Angela Daniels, he suggested I use a roll of wire stuff that has been in our garage since somewhere around the Middle Ages. At some point in the past several centuries, the insect world had chosen this very roll of wire to become a thriving bug cemetery. I can't even tell you how much I shuddered hosing the wire down. I even scrubbed it with dish soap just to be totally sure I wasn't bringing in any critters (dead or alive) to my crafting space.





Once I had the wire completely cleaned, I used some heavy duty shop scissors to trim out a nice, even rectangle. I was careful to clip very close to the edges so I wouldn't leave any sharp or dangerous edges. I didn't want Coco to get hurt! I also wore gloves to avoid injury which I rarely think to do.






Once I had the edges trimmed, I simply folded the wire into 4 sections to create a box shape. Rather than struggle through cutting side pieces and wiring those on by hand (remember, I was on an hour Pop Craft deadline), I lined the wire box with some scrapbook paper that I deemed "chicken-y." Something I thought Coco might like (although in reality she favors silk and pearls as per the Google image search I did last week). The paper was kept in place with some strategic hole punches and thin embroidery ribbon tied through the wire box.

I happened to have some vintage looking lace on hand that also reminded me (for no really good reason) of a chicken/farm kind of vibe so I wove a few bits through the front of the wire box and made sure it stayed put with the help of one or two dots of hot glue.

I can't seem to have a craft project without some nod to pretty trash lately so I flattened a Cheerwine soda pop cap to work as an accent piece and double as a closure for the front of the box. There are more elegant ways to flatten a bottle cap (rolling them through die cut machines, for example) but, being in a hurry and not loving the idea of hauling out a heavy machine, I made due with putting a piece of cloth over the bottle cap (to protect the paint on it) and smashing it on all sides with a hammer. Smashing things with a hammer is very theraputic, by the way. I highly recommend it.

That's it. A little chicken toy box. Of course I had to come to the realization that I wasn't going to think of any clever chicken "toys" to put in it so, for the sake of a good photo, I added a dozen eggs. I'm not sure if a box of eggs would gross Coco out or delight her but if she doesn't claim this little toy box (call me, Tori!), I'm thinking of bringing it out the next time I have neighbors over for lunch. I can add hard boiled eggs in the chicken wire box and treat it as a very crafty serving dish. NOTHING (secretly) freaks out non-crafty neighbors like thinking I really/ truly spend my life creating little whimsical crafts just for the purpose of serving them ordinary things like hard boiled eggs. That's half the fun of being known as "The Crafty One" around here. I'll just let everyone believe what they will...

What about you? Are you ready to join in on the Pop Crafts? Watch this Tuesday's show (and join our live Twitter Chat at 7 pm PST using hash tags #CraftWars and #CraftWarsVets) and think about making a Pop Craft inspired by the show yourself. If you make something, blog about it by next Monday afternoon and send me the link so I can add you to my blog roll here. If you're not feeling crafty this week, help me- once you watch episode #4 (featuring my friends Andrea and Lisa-!!!), leave a comment here and let me know what you think my next Pop Craft should be. Motivate me to do 3 in a row, would ya?!

And please do check out this episode's Pop Crafts made by my fellow Craft Wars Vets:

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Reader Comments (6)

That is awesome. If I had a pet chicken who needed a toy box, I'd totally copy this. Alas, it is my pet rabbit who needs a new toy box, as he spent much of yesterday tearing his current one (a cardboard box) to bits. Much like a young child, he almost always likes cardboard boxes more than what comes in them.

July 17, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCindy deRosier

I love crafting with a hammer!

July 17, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBeth W

Ha ha. Best comment of the day: "If I had a pet chicken who needed a toy box, I'd totally copy this." - Cindy. And Beth, I'm not surprised ;)

July 17, 2012 | Registered Commenter[Angela Daniels]

OMG....I'm dying. Who else but you googles Tori's pet chicken and knows what she likes and what her name is. hahaha. You missed the perfect thing to put in Coco's toy box...candy corn because I think chicken feed is some derivative of corn and I know candy is on your radar. Great post!

July 17, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTami B.

Candy corn!!!! YES!!! Genius!!! Now it's something to put out at Halloween to annoy my non-crafty friends too! LOL!

July 17, 2012 | Registered Commenter[Angela Daniels]

Well from one Angela to another...I LOVE this box! I also have pet chickens and just love anything with chicken wire and lace, and love how the whole thing turned out. :)

July 18, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterangie

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