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Coco the Chicken's DIY T-shirt (Craft Wars Pop Challenge #4) 

Last week it was so fun to watch my friends Andrea and Lisa on the show and this week I get to see the ever-fabulous Margot Potter. When Pattye and I were filming our episode, we decided to torture the PA assigned to us. He had to stay with us non-stop and was at our mercy (poor guy) He had warned us he wasn't allowed to tell us the names of any contestants who had already filmed episodes so when he'd ask us for our lunch order, we'd say, "What did MARGOT POTTER have for lunch when SHE was here?!" Then we'd watched his expression to see if he'd give anything away (he just look exasperated). If he asked us if we needed something to drink, we'd say, "We'll take what ANDREA CURRIE had while she was here" and so on. For HOURS. Funny thing is, those were the main two crafters we guessed had been cast. And we were RIGHT! Cool beans!

But you're here for my Pop Craft Challenge of the week. So on episode #4, the contestants had to make a little keepsake box for their Pop Challenge. Since the box I made for Coco the Chicken LAST week is so similar, I decided to listen to all my Facebook friend's suggestions about what I should make this week. So, I'm taking my 2 current Craft Wars obsessions and combining them for this week's Pop Challenge...

Yep. That's right, I was inspired by last week's contestant's "Krafty Kathy" shirt to make a little t-shirt for Tori Spelling's pet chicken (have I mentioned she has a pet chicken?). Staying true to my crafting style, I made this out of recycled materials and with little bits of crafting supplies left over from other projects. This little t-shirt was free to make and took me all of 10 minutes. It looks that way? Well, I vote for humor over beauty in crafting almost all the time. Here are some steps you can follow to outfit your own pet chicken at home:

Gather up your supplies. The main thing you'll need is an old t-shirt. I used a logo'd t-shirt someone gave me at a convention a few years ago. I'm not even sure what the company does or why I've keep it that long but I was happy to have it on hand for this project. Second rule of Craft Club- never throw anything away. Anything. 


   Next, very neatly, cut one sleeve off the t-shirt. Cutting close to the seam (but not through it) let's you take advantage of a hem of sorts so you don't have to do any sewing for your chicken t-shirt.

Next, you'll want to add your "Krafty" words on to the t-shirt. If you're going for permanence, by all means use iron-on letters. I didn't have any on hand so I used some scrapbook letter stickers.

 Once you have your letters on, go crazy with fun trim. I had lots of lace leftover from Coco's toy box from last week so I thought it would be nice to have her little t-shirt match her toy box. Do all scrapbookers dress their pets and kids to coordinate in photos? I do.   And since I don't (currently) have a pet chicken to model this little t-shirt for me, I used the next best thing- my little girl's parrot stuffed animal. It is approximately the same size as Coco which helped me verify that the t-shirt was snug without being too restricting. Perfect!

What do you think? I may have strayed a bit from the Pop Craft on the show but I can't imagine any chicken without their own custom t-shirt, can you? And so inexpensive and easy, too. So here's YOUR challenge for the week, watch Craft Wars tomorrow night and think of ideas to suggest for my Pop Craft challenge for NEXT week. It will air at a new time (8pm-7pm Central), by the way.Until then, do stop by and check out my fellow Craft Wars Vets- they have made their own variations of this week's challenge too: 

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Reader Comments (4)


July 23, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCindy deRosier

That is so FUNNY!! U IS SO FUNNY!!!:O)

July 23, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMaryNSC

omg, it's perfect! I love that you kept the K in krafty. So exactly how long until you have a pet chicken of your own?

July 23, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTami Bayer

I didn't see any chicken wearing customized shirts. Now I can prove that any animals can wear a shirts now.

July 25, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterpet food

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