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Craft Wars Recap, Episode #5: Christmas Craftastrophe

Craft Wars has hit prime time which means that it now shows at 8 pm EST. Great news for those of us rooting for Craft Wars since this must mean ratings gave the show a time slot bump but bummer for some people who miscalculated when to watch tonight. Never fear, there will be repeats. A lot of repeats. I actually watched twice last night so I could live tweet with the west coast showing while still catching a sneak peek earlier in the evening. Here are the 3 things I am obsessed with from this episode:

Craft Wars is in HDTV

That's how I've been recording and watching. It's great picture quality but here's the thing- HDTV is not kind to humans. I know this from seeing my hands in high definition back when we filmed Scrapbook LifeStyle. YIKES. You just don't want to get that up close. HDTV was clearly conceived of by plastic surgeons to drum up more business in Hollywood. Everyone on Craft Wars looks great, don't get me wrong but since I know some of the contestants, I know they look much better in person. They just do. So now I'm thinking of all the countless times I caked on more and more MAC Studio Fix between takes while we were on set for Craft Wars. OMG. I am going to look like the Bride of Frankenstein. So please, do me and yourselves a favor, forget about watching Craft Wars in HD. At least for my episode. Please?

Dude Crafters

We've had 2 dude crafters on now. And I mean the kind with the surfer-like cadence that is so fun to listen to. Ivan got bumped off the show early but what I know from going through the audition process is that they are looking for people who really can do art or can craft well. I bet Ivan had a lot more up his sleeve if he had made it to the master craft challenge. In fact, I found some of his great work here: http://shop-artillery.com/. I'm just glad he was around long enough for me to hear him pronounce "button" in my favorite way. I don't know why but it always tickles me when people say "buh-un." I took lots of linguistic classes in college and I'm sure this is a tip-off to a particular regional dialect. Remind me to look that up. In the meantime, let's all write in (re: tweet) TLC and see if we can't get a re-match show that features Ivan and Kevin from episode #2. That would be perfect gnarly.

Margot Potter

I think this episode ends my biggest bias when it comes to Craft Wars- knowing the contestants. I've known Margot for awhile. A few crafting conventions ago (oh yes, there is such a thing), I wore different jewelry created by Margot every day and carried her business cards around so I could give them out to the many people who complimented what I was wearing. Outside of that, she has been a very outspoken champion of the importance of the crafting community (oh yes, there is such a thing) embracing Craft Wars.

 I love that, even though she's known all along she would not win her episode but couldn't tell us, she has promoted the show and, in doing so,  helped breathe a little enthusiasm on to the embers of what could be the resurgence of crafting on TV. Plus her Christmas tree was totally up my alley- non conformist, retro and, most important to all things crafting in my mind- whimsical and fun. The point is not that she didn't win (and I'm sure you know that many, many things are factors behind the scenes that she'll never be able to share) but that she put herself out there, made some fun stuff and helped promote a hobby that many of us love. Go Margot! While you're writing TLC about Ivan and Kevin, make sure to add in there that we need Margot back for a redemption episode for sure!

So now all I have left to do before next week is create a pop challenge craft inspired by this show. For everyone on Twitter who was freaking out that they were featuring Christmas crafts in July, you're clearly not a crafter in the same way many of us are. I know people who are working on their Christmas cards already. If you are in the publishing game, I think the calls right now are past Christmas and onto New Years and Valentine's day. So I'm not opposed to getting a jump start on my Christmas crafting but who knows what I'll come up with. But we'll see, my mind tends to wander on this pop crafts.  Any suggestions? I loved the ones you sent me last week that inspired my Kraft Coco shirt!

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Reader Comments (3)

Everyone loves making wreaths, anyway, right?

I'm just incensed because they skipped right over Halloween.But I actually enjoyed most of this show!

July 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBeth W

I have been so stoked to see a program that makes crafters think outside the box. They have all been so fun! Another plus is when I know someone that is a contestant!!!!! Crafting + TV = Fun!!!

July 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMaxine Hodges

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