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How do I Get on Craft Wars?

"How do I get on Craft Wars?" This has become the number one question emailed to me via this blog. And the answer is- I don't really know how you (specifically) can get on Craft Wars but I do have a few tips for you based on how I got on the show (my episode is coming up shortly). Here's what I can tell you:


Do create a Google search for "Craft Wars Auditions." This will ensure you find out as soon as a call goes out. This also means you will potentially get alerted every time any blogger on Earth so much as wonders in writing about Craft Wars auditions. To hedge your bets, I will be posting immediately if I see a call go out for Season #2 so keep your eye out here and/or follow me on Facebook (I'm The Guilty Crafter there).


Don't Tweet Michaels, Tori Spelling or the judges telling them how fabulous you and your mom/sister/best friend are and how they should put you on the show, like, yesterday. Well, on second thought, go for it. But they aren't going to be able to help you. The production company does the casting. So tweet away with the cast of the show if you're having fun sharing but just know that you'll get more action waiting for an actual call to go out from the production company. 


Do start building a great crafting portfolio. Making great crafts is one thing. You've got to have fabulous photos of your work to sell yourself. Make what you make best and do make a variety of things. Now, spend time taking magazine-worthy photos of your work. The production company is going to want to see your work and they'll ask you to send in photos. To paraphrase the Greek philosopher So-and-sophicles, "Sell thy self."


Don't work too small. Learn from the show. Those crafters are making HUGE things for the most part. A little ATC card is great for your swaps and your personal collection but its not what is going to read well on television. Practice making a few larger scale things. Crafting is crafting- whether it's big or small but practice is a good idea. And remember- if you make something awesome- photograph it!



Do keep watching the show and encourage your fellow crafting friends to do the same. Low ratings equals no season #2. So if you think you are AMAZING and you could do WAY better than the contestants on season #1, first you should read my post "Let's Talk About Craft Wars, Shall We?" and then realize that love the show or love to hate the show, you can only audition for the show if there IS a show. Watch Craft Wars. Support Craft Wars.


Do start thinking now about what you and your assistant will wear if you get on the show. As a Craft Wars recap blogger looking for humor, may I suggest something super crafty and very self-promotional? I didn't think of it when they filmed the episode I was in and I am kicking myself. Please wear something bright, funny and just this side of tacky. For me.  I promise I'll love it and I'll go easy on you in my recap of your episode if I love your outfit. Just remember that the camera doesn't like clothing in black, white, red or patterns. You also need to consider an outfit that you can have 2 identical sets of. Craftastrophes happen so a one-of-a- kind vintage prom dress is out of the question. Believe me, I thought about it.


Don't think you have to be some crazy, high-profile/"famous" crafter to get on the show. I have been talking to quite a few of my fellow "Craft Wars Vets" and ALL of us, without exception (to my knowledge) jumped through the same hoops to be on the show. I have heard that some fancy crafters were personally asked to be on the show but it is my guess that it would be more precise to say it was suggested they audition for the show. Not the same as a shoe-in. Reality TV needs diversity. If you have personality and you can craft, go for it!


Do think about who your assistant will be in advance. Make sure you're very, very nice to them while you wait for a call to go out for Craft Wars. Don't tell them about the call until the last minute for fear they will apply for the show themselves thus becoming your competition. In the meantime, consider enrolling them in a welding, woodworking and sewing class for their birthday. Give them crafty gifts. Just tell them you thought they would like to take up a new hobby.


Do be prepared to make a submission video. If you are too shy to be on camera, uh, why would you want to be on TV? You might as well get over this hurdle now. Making a good video isn't about all the bells and whistles of fancy video and editing equipment, it's about showcasing a personality that registers on camera. Make some videos just for fun and practice. Be yourself but be the "big" yourself- show that personality whether it's fun, kooky, weird or ultra professional. Show what ya gots.


Don't ignore what the judges are saying in season #1. Watch the show and pay attention to the critiques. You can see there are some clear no-no's already. Master the art of stringless glue gun projects. When in doubt, glitter the H-E-double-glue-sticks out of anything you make. Check your local community college for Jo Pearson's favorite class: "Crafting 101." Mostly you need to have your crafting be all YOU but keeping the judges in mind won't hurt either.

That's all I can think of for this installment of "How Do I Get on Craft Wars?". Any specific questions? Ask away! I'll be happy to answer in the comment section for everyone's benefit. And please do browse my blog. I am currently Craft Wars obsessed. You'll see the Pop Craft challenges for each week as well as my recaps of each episode. I plan to return to my regularly scheduled blog topics soon but my motto is, as always, "embrace the obsession."


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Reader Comments (5)

Great Job Ang... Now I know why you signed me up for all those crazt welding, painting , pottery classes. Smooth move... Watch out you are getting all my crafty stuff for Christmas!!!

August 2, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPattye

Just wait and see what matching OUTFITS I get us for Christmas this year!!! =)

August 2, 2012 | Registered Commenter[Angela Daniels]

Good info! I like your mentioning that your craft items s/b larger, for tv purposes!
Now: WHERE do I find a comm. college with "Crafting 101"?? Everytime I look thru my ACC catalogs recd in mail, there is NOTHING for crafts or related classes.

August 2, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLee S

Great ideas Angela, Craft Wars sure have added lots of fun to our crafting world

August 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPearl Maple

Thanks Angela,
Sorry if it seems like I'm stalking you now, I think I have left you about 4 comments in various places :)
I would love to know more about the interview process, how many call backs before they let you know you were cast? Did you have to preform any craft challenges live in the interview process or do any type of on-camera test before you were selected? How much time from casting to filming to the show going on the air? More details pleeze! So glad they are not encouraging catty drama among the contestants, that's the one thing I could do without on reality TV.
Keep posting on this, I'm living vicariously and hanging on your every word!

August 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDebi

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