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Craft Room Makeover

You know how you sit for hours and days pinning organization ideas and amazing decorating-on-a-dime tips on Pinterest? Or is that just me? All this time, I was almost disheartened by the amazing ideas and tips I was pinning. It all seems like so much WORK and I couldn't get myself started. So my craft room has been sitting almost completely unused as my craft projects have spilled over into my formal dining room and on to my kitchen counters. I just didn't even want to go IN my craft room after awhile. As lucky as I am to have a dedicated crafting room, I was mostly taking advantage of the ability to close the door so no one could see it.

However, a few weeks ago, a favorite magazine contacted me about featuring my craft room. Sight unseen. What?! I seized on the very awesome opportunity to have a looming deadline- the very BEST thing to happen to most creative people. Now I HAD to do some of those ideas I'd been thinking about and I really did have to do it "on a dime." So, if I've been a little quiet on other social media outlets, now you know why- I've painted so many things- I don't even need to bring a paint chip to pick out fabrics- my hands are covered in all kinds of pretty green-toned paint. I have nailed, sawed, hammered, and mostly cleaned and reorganized. I have also asked for free consulting from my friends who own www.oliveandlove.com and www.foofoolala.com respectively. And now? I'm ready for my close-up. I'll be sure to post all the information on where you can see my endeavors when the magazine is out on the newstands. In the meantime, I'm almost ready to film some new Guilty Crafter videos from my new and improved craft space for the first time so you should be able to catch a few sneak peeks in the upcoming weeks.

Now I just need a call from Laundry Weekly or some publications that will motivate me to clean/decorate other spots in my house. Otherwise...

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