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The Chicken Coop Build


Since my last blog post where I debuted all our new baby chicks, they have grown FAST. Incredibly fast. This has lead to Mr. Angela Daniels spending every waking moment on The Most Unnecessarily Huge Chicken Coop in History™  I'm not even going to bore you with plans and dimensions. You can Google chicken coops and find enough information to occupy your bedtime reading for weeks (literally, just ask my husband).

Long story short, we used some reclaimed stuff including a fabulous old barn door I picked up at our local school's auction. Honestly, this door probably dictated a lot of the size of the coop because I simply had to have it in the overall design. The other part of the design I was excited about was being able to use up a lot of random paint samples that have been piling up in the garage. It's always great to use something. It makes me feel I'm that much more removed from being nominated for an appearance on Hoarders.

If we ever get tired of raising chickens, I am going to clean out the coop, add a few throw pillows and list it on Airbnb. 

The Chicken Flags/Bunting

Since I work for Rit Dye, naturally, I had to add a Rit touch to our coop too. You can check out how I hand-dyed and stenciled the chicken flag/bunting via my Rit Studio at: They were WAY easy. I promise. you can use the same technique and make any theme. Crazy cat lady bunting maybe?


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