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Craft Wars, August 2012


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I cook poorly, I craft obsessively and I love the look of a retro cocktail. When I am feeling guilty about taking time away from my family with my obsessions, I make videos about my guilt as "The Guilty Crafter" or I blog here. Thanks for stopping by!


CHA 2013 Creative Business Cards


It's interesting how many times I've needed to change my business cards in the last 2 years. I have tried it with all my social media links listed, I've shortened my blog URL, I've changed what professional skills I highlight. etc. It never hurts to have an updated look, I figure. This time for the Craft and Hobby Association, I thought I'd update my card and give it as clean and streamlined a look as possible. I added a QR code on the off-chance that other crafters are in the habit of using their smart phones to scan them (go ahead and try it- the QR code even works on this photo of my new cards).

P.S. You can see my past business cards by searching in the search box (bottom of left of this screen).


How I Became "The Hardest Working Crafter at CHA"


Battling Breast Cancer Art Bra

I am currently seated in a booth at CHA pretending its my home office (which means no eye contact with anyone working in the booth- in case they try to kick me out). CHA is THE craft trade show. Chock full of feet torturing aisle after aisle of crating supplies. It's a-mazing. If you're a crafter, this is heaven.

Most of my morning has been spent dancing at the opening of the show in a flash mob... wearing an art bra I made for the breast cancer awareness theme of the event. Being in a flash mob is on my bucket list so I was thrilled to be part I it but I was also thrilled to be inspired to make a fun art bra. It will be auctioned off for charity later tonight and ill be wearing it at a cocktail party for bidders. It's early January and I'm already working on my "keeping it weird and crafty" resolution.


Photo Bombing Toddlers & Tiaras

Hilarious. My little girl got a few seconds of airtime too. It was the most fun any family has had watching Toddlers and Tiaras. EVER. And now I get to say we were on Toddlers and Tiaras as a mother/daughter team.


Mini Toddlers & Tiaras Party

Remember early this summer when I was a contestant on TLC's Craft Wars? Well, that was super exciting and all but just a few months later, I got a call from my party-themed, comrade-in-arms here in my neighborhood telling me that TLC was taping an episode of Toddlers & Tiaras locally. OH EM GEE. It was everything I dreamed it could be. My friend even provided us with giant pixie sticks so we could get in the spirit (if that doesn't make sense to you, might as well stop reading at this point). We screamed, we cheered, we (hopefully not too loudly) laughed. Basically a good time was had by all. The cherry on the T & T cake is that the episode we were at airs tonight (January 9, 2013). Unfortunately, tonight's a school night AND the show airs at 9 pm so, while I could do a full-blown party (THIS time- it will be later), I had to do something festive to share in the fun my friends around the neighborhood will be having (while we all watch on our separate TV sets). So here's what I did:

If you watch Toddler's and Tiaras, you know that a lot of the pageant moms profiled on the show get their kids all jacked up on sugar and caffeine. It's pretty awesome actually. I was a relatively shy kid but if I had known there was soda and Pixie Stix involved, I would have been slapping false eyelashes and flippers on myself. So the perfect refreshments for a Toddlers and Tiaras viewing party? Mountain Dew and Pixie Stix of course. And a little bit of tulle and some tiara stickers? Perfection. Stay tuned for our full-blown party. I have a great T&T cocktail idea and my friend and I? We've had coordinating outfits for almost a year now, just waiting...


DIY Chocolate Bar Note Pad Set

(subtitle: How I Bought a Candy Bar as a Gift for a Child, Ate it Myself and Still Managed to Look Thoughtful)

Here's a typical morning at the Guilty Crafter house. No lunches have been made, kids have crazy bed head and I'm convincing everyone that cold cereal is a delicious alternative to their prefered eggs and oatmeal. And what am I doing in all this chaos? Making a spur of the moment craft, of course. Out of trash and a little guilt.

Here's the backstory: my little crafter woke up sad this morning because she realizes winter break means not seeing her best friend "Peach" every day (don't worry, Peach has a beautiful classic name she can use when she becomes president of the United States later).  That reminds me of the really cool gourmet candy bar I bought for Peach recently. I bought it because the packaging was so cute and said, you guessed it, "Peach" really big on the front. The problem is, I realized AFTER I bought the chocolate bar that it contained ingredients Peach is allergic to. I really had little choice but to eat the candy bar myself (because I care so deeply about The Children). Got all that?

So this morning, I am hugging my sad little girl and I realize we should make Peach a little gift so she can write notes to my little crafter during winter break. As luck would have it (or I guess we can blame the natural hoarding tendencies of crafters), I had saved the candy bar box. With a few sheets of peach colored craft paper, an overly sharpened pencil (really, my little girl sharpened and sharpened it until it was short enough to fit in the box), a bit of ribbon and a hole punch, I whipped out a quick little note set. My little girl's mood was lifted, I salvaged the special chocolate bar purchase, Peach will get a little giftie and I got to eat a pretty tasty candy bar for breakfast- almost guilt-free. It was a success all the way around.

Oh and the lunches? A banana, a juice box and a really unimaginative sandwich. But it all got done in time for the kids to catch their bus. Crafty mom for the win!


DIY Holiday Cards. Go Ahead and Cheat

So you're the "Crafty One" in the family and it's expected that you will be sending cards you made by hand, right? Ones that you started creating way back in June. Handmade paper and all that? If you need someone to give you permission to cheat, I'm your gal. Go ahead. They'll never know. ...Unless you make a video about it.

Evolution of a Crafter

I wrote the following blog post as a Lead Brand Ambassador for Fiskars back in September of 2011. I can't remember if I blogged about it at the time here on my personal blog but I've been thinking about this a lot lately and I don't want to lose this piece so I thought I'd repost it here because I believe it more now, over a year later, than I did even as I wrote it. I want to remember this and continue to push my creative boundries.:

I don't have a fun photo or video to post but this is probably the  most personal I've been in  a blog post in a long time so it's gonna be a long one...

A few months ago, I added a blog post here about my goal of trying to create the artistic community I wish I lived in. I have had amazing opportunities to travel as a Lead Fiskateer and I can't help but wish I lived everywhere I've been that has a rich, creative network of people. I've felt that way meeting hundreds of crafters in Seattle, Porland Oregon, Austin Texas, the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California (among many other places). What I set out to develop this year was a creative community here in my town- Reno, NV. What I am learning is that there are ALWAYS creative people. Everywhere. Yes, even in your small community. You just might not have as many people as the communities I've visited but I just know there are people just like us waiting to be found. Here's how I have found creative people in my "biggest, little city" and evolved a little bit as a crafter:

1) Realizing I wanted to find creative people was the first step for me. It was also helpful to tell other people this was my goal. I got a lot of unexpected help in my quest. Up until this year, I spent a lot of time wishing I lived somewhere else. This year, I decided to try and make this a city I'd want to move to if I didn't already live here.

2) If you see someone who looks creative or is doing something creative or even wearing something creative, stop and ask them about themselves. Creative people like each other. We just do. Most of us are happy to meet kindred spirits. Many of us are hoping you'll make the first move.

3) Let other people's creativity inspire you. After going through steps #1 and a ot of step number  #2, I have met the most interesting creative people. In January, Lynne Bruning of approached me at CHA because she recognized a kindred spirit in me when she saw me in my orange vintage prom gown. She suggested I meet her friend Jessica of right here in Reno, a meeting that went so well it  inspired  me to stop in at  Nancy Nelson's store and visit her blog Meeting  Nancy (and her business partner Missy)  and Jessica inspired all of us to work together to create a small, inexpensive event  to which we each invited people creative people we knew from town so that we could all meet each other. This  is where I met Dusty of They are all amazingly creative and talented. Just not in ways that I am. I am primarily a fairly conventional paper crafter, they're doing upcycling and couture design. But I have loved meeting them and I feel very inspired by their passion for what they do.   Even if I'm not necessarily able to duplicate their particular projects, we still speak the same language.

4) Open your mind to creative events that are outside of what you normally do. For years, I have watched as fascinating people come to Reno in August in preparation for the nearby, week-long event that is all about "radical self-expression." I always wished I could go see what is going on there. This year, I decided to quit wishing and just plan it and just do it. I spent a week at Burning Man and loved it- the art and the costumes were amazing. I also decided to find out what Maker Faire is all about so I volunteered to work there this year- so inspiring. In August, I attended BlogHer and met amazing, interesting women who blog about things besides crafting (who knew?!) I am attending Art & Soul in Portland next week which is a little more what I'm used to but still a bit more on the "arty" side. To round out my year of evolving as a crafter, I have been invited to attend the Holiday Symposium at Colonial Williamsburg in November  (any Virginia Fiskateers want to join me there?). This means by year's end, I will have experienced a full  range of creative expression all the way from radical artistic self-expression to the classic  crafting roots of our nation.

I am still assimilating all that I have learned in the past 9 months. I don't expect that many Fiskateers would have the time to go to as many things as I've attended this year (and I'm going to freely admit that a lot of this journey was based on me being a tad bit freaked out that I was turning 40- call it a mini/creative midlife crisis if you'd like) but I want to inspire you to think about doing something small. Look for creative shops in town. Make friends there. Notice flyers for kooky events- go to one if you can. If you can't afford an event, ask if you can volunteer there. I have gotten more out of volunteering at events this year than I think I would if I went as just an attendee. Look at some creative blogs that are different than what you generally look at. If you're like me, this won't necessarily change your style but it might be a nice recharge to your creativity and you might just feel inspired to try something a little bit, a tiny bit new. And don't forget to share your new finds with your Fiskateer friends so we can be inspired by what you are doing too.

So, are you with me? Are you ready to try something new? Expose yourself to something different and maybe just a little outside your creative comfort zone? Share your resolution with me. Tell me what you plan to do, see or who you'd like to meet. Sometimes just taking that first step and stating your intention will put you on the road to a little creative evolution. And having someone who is here to cheer you on never hurts when you're taking those first creative steps outside of your usual comfort zone. I'm cheering already.


Are you a craft room voyeur? Check out my room in an upcoming issue of Creative Spaces!

To my mind, the only reason to take a walk is for the off-chance a neighbor will leave their drapes open and I can get a peek inside. I stalk homes on Zillow so I can browse through the decorating decisions of thousands of real people selling their homes. Basically, I am a shameless voyeur. So what better karma than to have a really great magazine contact me about sharing a peek into MY most personal space- my craft room. After a few panicked calls to friends for decorating help, a few last minute dashes to thrift stores, my room is ready for it's close-up.

The best thing about the photoshoot (besides the obvious- having a deadline that forced me to straighten up the usual chaos) was the photographer who was sent to photograph my room. Whitby of Whitby Photography a) had a fun name and b) was not a crafter. It was like she had landed on my very colorful, very crafty little planet and she was amazed. By the time she left for the day, she was talking about craft projects she wanted to try. Poor thing. Crafting is contagious and I am the Typhoid Mary of crafting. She should have worn a hazmat suit but I always have fun infecting a newbie crafter.

This issue will be available for purchase in just a few short weeks.  I can't wait to see which corners of my space made the cut!  You can read more about it on the Creating Keepsakes blog and on the Paper Crafts Connections blog.  As we get closer to the publication date, remind me to post the horrifying before photos.


Old School Lockers

If you are one of "my" people, as in my frequent exclamation when I meet fellow thrifters/crafters,"I've found my people!", you'll understand the thrill it was to find school lockers on Craig's List for $20. Yes, twenty-dot-zero-zero. Zing! Mr. Angela Daniels surprised me but not grumbling at all when I asked him to pick them up and my kiddos surprised me by how excited they were to have these. Now they have a place for shoes, jackets and book bags. Score. I'm just waiting on the retro/vintage padlocks I found on EBay to complete the look. In the meantime, I'm sorely tempted to paint a frame of matte black around the doors. Should I? Or should I ignore the siren call of over-crafting something I should leave be?

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