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I cook poorly, I craft obsessively and I love the look of a retro cocktail. When I am feeling guilty about taking time away from my family with my obsessions, I make videos about my guilt as "The Guilty Crafter" or I blog here. Thanks for stopping by!


What Does a Kid Wear to Burning Man?

What does a kid wear to Burning Man? Answer: Whatever they want to. It's all about the "radical self-expression," right? But a few little accessories make it all that more fun.


Craft Wars Finale Giveway!

Tonight is the season finale of Craft Wars and after a summer of watching, tweeting and blogging about the show, several of my fellow contestants and assistants are joining the craft wars producers, cathie and steve, to celebrate the last two episodes for the season, which both air on TONIGHT, 8/20/11.

It's BOGO time too- there are TWO shows. Did I mention TWO? Make sure to watch both shows! Coco is so excited, she bought a little chicken-size party hat to wear while watching the shows tonight!

episode #9: "blinded by the light" at 8pm (7pm ct)
episode #10: "pilgrim plumbing" (hosted by our very own steve piacenza!!) at 11pm (10pm ct)

To enter to win, leave a comment right here on my blog...then for lots more chances to enter, visit cathie's blog first and check out photos of the BIG bunch o' crafting supplies she has generously put together for you!! Next, visit all the rest of the craft wars vets below to enter by commenting on their craft wars giveaway posts too.

cathie filian

marylena corrado sevigney


I'm the Clay Aiken of Craft Wars

I was joking all week that I'm the silver medalist of Craft Wars but thanks to everyone for all the really nice comments and support, I realized I might actually be the Clay Aiken of Craft Wars!  Here are some comparisons:

Redhead? Check.

Kind of goofy?


Awkward high-5 from a TV-ready blonde captured on film? 



Could have used a better stylist for TV debut?


Was in the closet for TV debut? Check (although my closet was the Michaels Craft Closet).

Lots of support on Twitter when it was announced they lost? Check.

Yep. I think I really might be the Clay Aiken of Craft Wars, honey boo boo child. Yeah. I like that. But wait. That means....

Oh noooooooooooooooo....


Son of a Biscuit- I Was Robbed! Craft Wars Recap: Trick or Trowel

Yes. That was me on Craft Wars last night. And yes, I was robbed. Okay, okay. Not really. My competitor Ashley made an absolutely ADORABLE Halloween candy monster. LOVED it. I really did. I just decided to take on the idea Tori presented with our challenge that crafters are always stereotyped as "too cutesy" and that we should try and make a lawn decoration that would "scare our neighbors away." Quite honestly, I usually DO do cutesy (or funny) so I was kind of excited that the project I made really did look kind of spooky. If you haven't seen my video reaction to watching the show, please scroll down to the blog post just under this one- no REALLY. WATCH IT. My kids think we are HILARIOUS and my daughter has a cameo telling off Mr. Glitterville. (Oh and, for the record, Pattye says we were 100% robbed. LOL).

So let me address some of my favorite moments of the show:

My "I Win the Silver" Party

After insisting that my kids compete in swim meets all summer even when they're freaked out when they don't win, how could I NOT have all my friends join me at a viewing party... even though I knew it meant standing there while they watched me NOT win. I always lecture my kids that in our family, winning is secondary to putting yourself out there and trying new things so I realized I should practice what I preach. I'm so glad my friends helped push me toward doing it. Check out the AMAZING trophy they made me. I am scared of it AND I love it. If you haven't been reading my blog recaps, you might not get the references but there is a cut up teddy bear inside, a fluffy bird representing Tori's chicken Coco (complete with pink bow) and the doll heads that terrify/fascinate me in crafting, lots of glitter. I died. They even gave me an extra "k" in case I want the trophy to read "Krafty Kangela."  It's the best thing EVER. (Thank you Marion and kids!). Anyway, we all boo'ed the judges and other competitors and cheered when I came on screen. All in good fun.







Although, I must admit, this whole time, I keep thinking about what Jerry Seinfeld has to say about people who come in second. So don't let me kid you, I wanted to WIN. Now I'm the winner of the losers ;):


Those judges are BLIND

Actually, no. I'm not going to lie, I was a little shocked at how REAL the critique part of the show was. Usually crafters are all warm and fuzzy ("awww. Love those googly eyes!") but these judges? They JUDGED. Oof. But this is a totally subjective show. And come ON. If it was always TOTALLY obvious who would win on these reality shows, who would watch? How boring. As an avid consumer of bad reality TV and the kind who is sometimes gleeful when someone gets voted off, karma was probably looking forward to my turn. And besides, a little birdie I know was actually WITH judge Jo Pearson yesterday in a bar filled with people whom I admire. They allegedly/maybe/possibly boo'ed Jo in person for her decision on this episode (hee hee) and she was funny and gracious about it. AND Mr. Glitterville- I tweeted him my recap video and he graciously retweeted it and was funny about it too. How can I not continue to love his glittery dimpled self? I'm just shocked that it was Miss P.S. I Made This who was in my corner. I would have never guessed!

I High-Five Tori Spelling!

This was the best surprise of the show for me. Ha ha! I don't even REMEMBER doing this. At. All. (And let's not discuss my many weird expressions and the double chin look I am sporting- if I had won the 10k, I'd be considering a chin-tuck right about now- watching yourself in HD is BRUTAL). Everyone keeps asking me what Tori Spelling was like and here's my best story about "meeting" her. When we first came on set, camera's rolling, there she was and, I have to admit, I kind of geeked out a little. Right away, she starts telling us about the Pop Challenge and I swear to you, she was looking RIGHT at ME the whole time. And smiling and giving me eye contact. In short, I had some kind of creative vibe that was speaking to my soon-to-be BFF Tori Spelling. She was kind of into me and I could feel it. Maybe she liked the DIY flowers on my shirt? Until she very, very politely waved for me to move over a tiny bit. I was standing right in front of the guy giving her cues. Hence the apparent focus on my side of the room. Oh. Sad horns. Dreams of being invited to Stella's and Hattie's next birthday, dashed on the spot.

That's it for favorite moments although I had a million. I wish you could have heard ANY of the incredibly funny and inappropriate comments Pattye made all day as she toiled away under the tyranny of my crafting dictatorship. But please feel free to ask, I could answer questions about the weirdness of being on a reality crafting show all day long.

If you still absolutely HATE the show and think it's putting crafting in a terrible light, I do hope you'll read my response to that idea here: Let's Talk Craft Wars, Shall We? If you like the show and hope to be a contestant on it some day, you can read my audition do's and don'ts here: How to Get on Craft Wars

Thank you EVERYONE for all the amazing emails, Tweets, Facebook messages and posts that you have posted in support of me this week. It never ceases to amaze me what a strong force of nature online crafters are and how comforting it is to find people who share your same crazy, passion for glitter and glue. If we continue to direct some of that energy and passion to TLC about this show, I think we can absolutely help shape future seasons and, more importantly, send the message to networks that crafting needs to find it's way back on to television.

P.S. I still don't think I know what a "trowel" is...


A short video recap- me watching Craft Wars tonight

Tomorrow I'll have a longer recap... come on back!

Tonight I'm On Craft Wars!

OH MY JELLY BEANS. I'm scared. Hold me. Tonight is "my" episode of Craft Wars!

 I'll be posting a very mini recap tonight after the show airs and a more full-blown recap tomorrow so please check back. In the meantime, you can read the interview I gave to FaveCrafts here: http://www.favecraftsblog.com/craft-wars-angela-daniels/. I also participated in an online radio interview this morning with FaveCrafts Radio. You can listen to a recording of the show here: http://www.favecraftsblog.com/august-radio/. I gotta love the photo TLC released to Fave Crafts- sporting a crazy, exagerrated expression that is VERY me. HA HA HA. Love it.


Retro Jello Mold Dessert

I am interrupting my usual Craft Wars coverage for an important update: retro Jello molds are awesome.

I have one from Tupperware which I bought mainly because I was able to score a retro pale blue one which looks super vintage and cute. Yesterday, I decided to actually use it. It's tough making fun lunches every day for the kiddos in the summer, amirite? One box of orange jello and a can of mandrin oranges later and they were singing my praises. Add a few cupcake ballerinas that dance and jiggle on to the top of the Jello and you too can achieve the coveted "Mom of the Day" award. The ballerinas really are hilarious- don't skimp. You can find them on Etsy by searching "Cupcake Ballerinas." For example I love these because I don't have some of these colors (the seller handpainted these- cute idea!).


Craft Wars Pop Craft Challenge Episode #7

On last week's craft wars, the contestants had to make a lamp out of a bunch of sunglasses. Everyone was on the road to making something interesting but of course time, the enemy of most craft projects, interceded and that cute Brooke had to go home early even though I bet she would have made a killer master craft. For my pop challenge this week, I'm going to be a bit lazy and post a my very own DIY lamp I made last year to decorate my table at Maker Faire:

The supplies were easy- a super cheap lamp from Walmart. It was well under $10 if I remember correctly and a thrift store skirt that I picked up because the material and lining were fabulous. I'm no stranger to short skirts and dresses but this skirt was RIDICULOUSLY short. I have no idea who could get away with something like that but it works just great for my lamp.

The lining, as I mentioned, was super nice. Silky and then some nice lace, bias tape kind of stuff. My goal was to construct the entire lamp using ONLY the skirt fabric and lining. I had to make an exception for a few fabulous "raspberry" beads which are currently my favorite beads ever. They're so delicious.


A little fabric glue and a LOT of hand sewing to get the lining into crazy big roses and, viola! I was done. Thrift store skirt, meet lamp.

I need to straighten the skirt out a bit for a better photo but you get the idea. That's it. 

As for Craft Wars for August 14th, all I can tell you is that I have a BIG old martini shaker chilling in the freezer and I'm planning crafty snacks for my friends who will be watching the show with me. If you watch the show, be sure to cheer on your favorite Guilty blogger. I would LOVE to post a series of photos of you watching the show with your favorite cocktail (non-alchoholic is perfect, as long as it's pretty!). Please DO think about cheering on my episode and taking a photo to send me. You can send them to GuiltyCrafter@g mail.com


How do I Get on Craft Wars?

"How do I get on Craft Wars?" This has become the number one question emailed to me via this blog. And the answer is- I don't really know how you (specifically) can get on Craft Wars but I do have a few tips for you based on how I got on the show (my episode is coming up shortly). Here's what I can tell you:


Do create a Google search for "Craft Wars Auditions." This will ensure you find out as soon as a call goes out. This also means you will potentially get alerted every time any blogger on Earth so much as wonders in writing about Craft Wars auditions. To hedge your bets, I will be posting immediately if I see a call go out for Season #2 so keep your eye out here and/or follow me on Facebook (I'm The Guilty Crafter there).


Don't Tweet Michaels, Tori Spelling or the judges telling them how fabulous you and your mom/sister/best friend are and how they should put you on the show, like, yesterday. Well, on second thought, go for it. But they aren't going to be able to help you. The production company does the casting. So tweet away with the cast of the show if you're having fun sharing but just know that you'll get more action waiting for an actual call to go out from the production company. 


Do start building a great crafting portfolio. Making great crafts is one thing. You've got to have fabulous photos of your work to sell yourself. Make what you make best and do make a variety of things. Now, spend time taking magazine-worthy photos of your work. The production company is going to want to see your work and they'll ask you to send in photos. To paraphrase the Greek philosopher So-and-sophicles, "Sell thy self."


Don't work too small. Learn from the show. Those crafters are making HUGE things for the most part. A little ATC card is great for your swaps and your personal collection but its not what is going to read well on television. Practice making a few larger scale things. Crafting is crafting- whether it's big or small but practice is a good idea. And remember- if you make something awesome- photograph it!



Do keep watching the show and encourage your fellow crafting friends to do the same. Low ratings equals no season #2. So if you think you are AMAZING and you could do WAY better than the contestants on season #1, first you should read my post "Let's Talk About Craft Wars, Shall We?" and then realize that love the show or love to hate the show, you can only audition for the show if there IS a show. Watch Craft Wars. Support Craft Wars.


Do start thinking now about what you and your assistant will wear if you get on the show. As a Craft Wars recap blogger looking for humor, may I suggest something super crafty and very self-promotional? I didn't think of it when they filmed the episode I was in and I am kicking myself. Please wear something bright, funny and just this side of tacky. For me.  I promise I'll love it and I'll go easy on you in my recap of your episode if I love your outfit. Just remember that the camera doesn't like clothing in black, white, red or patterns. You also need to consider an outfit that you can have 2 identical sets of. Craftastrophes happen so a one-of-a- kind vintage prom dress is out of the question. Believe me, I thought about it.


Don't think you have to be some crazy, high-profile/"famous" crafter to get on the show. I have been talking to quite a few of my fellow "Craft Wars Vets" and ALL of us, without exception (to my knowledge) jumped through the same hoops to be on the show. I have heard that some fancy crafters were personally asked to be on the show but it is my guess that it would be more precise to say it was suggested they audition for the show. Not the same as a shoe-in. Reality TV needs diversity. If you have personality and you can craft, go for it!


Do think about who your assistant will be in advance. Make sure you're very, very nice to them while you wait for a call to go out for Craft Wars. Don't tell them about the call until the last minute for fear they will apply for the show themselves thus becoming your competition. In the meantime, consider enrolling them in a welding, woodworking and sewing class for their birthday. Give them crafty gifts. Just tell them you thought they would like to take up a new hobby.


Do be prepared to make a submission video. If you are too shy to be on camera, uh, why would you want to be on TV? You might as well get over this hurdle now. Making a good video isn't about all the bells and whistles of fancy video and editing equipment, it's about showcasing a personality that registers on camera. Make some videos just for fun and practice. Be yourself but be the "big" yourself- show that personality whether it's fun, kooky, weird or ultra professional. Show what ya gots.


Don't ignore what the judges are saying in season #1. Watch the show and pay attention to the critiques. You can see there are some clear no-no's already. Master the art of stringless glue gun projects. When in doubt, glitter the H-E-double-glue-sticks out of anything you make. Check your local community college for Jo Pearson's favorite class: "Crafting 101." Mostly you need to have your crafting be all YOU but keeping the judges in mind won't hurt either.

That's all I can think of for this installment of "How Do I Get on Craft Wars?". Any specific questions? Ask away! I'll be happy to answer in the comment section for everyone's benefit. And please do browse my blog. I am currently Craft Wars obsessed. You'll see the Pop Craft challenges for each week as well as my recaps of each episode. I plan to return to my regularly scheduled blog topics soon but my motto is, as always, "embrace the obsession."



Tassels, Balls and Magic in the Bedroom (Craft Wars episode #6 recap)

What could possibly be more wholesome than crafting. Am I right? WRONG. Last night's episode of Craft Wars was laced with sexual innuendo. Really. And before you accuse me of having a dirty mind (guilty), I'm not the only one who thought so. Twitter was filled with Craft War fans snickering over the many references to balls and magic in the bedroom. 

Tori Spelling's didn't seem to pick up on the innuendo... or DID she? I've watched her reality show. I KNOW her husband was laughing at this:

 Anyway, on to my favorite 3 moments of the show but first, let's meet our contestants:

Andrea. OMG. ANOTHER hand crafted shirt that a contestant convinced a friend to wear as twinsies. This one has a beauty pageant sash appeal but it's only sewn on the front. I can't believe how little influence I had over my assistant Pattye in the clothing department. With the craft gods as my witnesses, if we get invited back to Craft Wars in one of those re-match kind of shows(you know- the winners v. winners, the redemption episodes and the no-one-wanted-to-come-back-and-humilate-themselves-again-but-these-3 kinda shows- they do those for Cupcake Wars all the time) , Pattye WILL bend to my will and be my twinsie. Disparities in our height, weight, coloring and fashion sense be damned. Andrea and Krafty Kathy, I bow to you and your superior charisma.  





 Raymond was representing the male crafting contingency. But really, he clearly was an artist. I know that a lot of crafters consider themselves artists but, to my mind, these are two different things. Artists can be crafters, crafters can be artists- sure. But Raymond struck me as more artist than crafter. Also of note- he was of the Asian persuasion. This was important to many (re: 1 or 2) people on Twitter for some reason that I don't really understand but there you go.

  P.S. I think Raymond was also regretting that he couldn't get his girlfriend on board with a more crafty tshirt. I feel ya, Ray!

And last but not least, Brooke from St. George, Utah. Wait a second- isn't that exactly where Mandi from a few episodes ago was from? What's in the water in St. George and, more importantly, they both blog on similar topics. Do they know each other? Why weren't they on together? Is there a juicy rivalry in St. George between these two? Where's Bravo Andy when I need him? Or was Mandi from somewhere else? Anyone? I need to know! 


#1 Brooke Goes Home

You just KNOW this was her episode to win. She does home decor and, let's face it, this was a home decor challenge more than a crafting challenge. Her lamp was sooooo close to being pretty fabulous but she way underestimated her time. I am always bummed when a good contestant goes home and we can't see what they could have done with more time.

#2  Tori Spelling's Dress

I am assuming that she has been wearing vintage dresses on every show so far. I love vintage but I don't think all her outfits have hit it out of the park. Last night's dress was the best one so far. Some of the others were too "That 70's show" for me. You're welcome, Tori.

#3 Smoke and Mirrors in the Bedroom

I wasn't really wowed by either room. I mean, there were clever ideas here and there (loved that zipper vase) but all in all, I wouldn't want either room for my own. But the theme of "smoke and mirrors" made me laugh and again- sexual innuendos abounded. For that, Craft Wars, I thank you.


Bonus moment: contestant accents:

I'm telling you, this show a dream come true for any linguists out there who craft. Andrea spent the whole show driving everyone on Twitter crazy by saying "FLOW-ers" as opposed to "fl-OW-ers." I love different accents, no matter what they are so I was delighted. I think I might start saying "flow-ers" and "buh-uns" from now on. Here are my favorite tweets from last night regarding this Craft Wars phenomenon:

Uh, what?! 


Don't apologize! Let the haters hate. I think your accent is fun! 

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