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I cook poorly, I craft obsessively and I love the look of a retro cocktail. When I am feeling guilty about taking time away from my family with my obsessions, I make videos about my guilt as "The Guilty Crafter" or I blog here. Thanks for stopping by!


The 25th Wedding Anniversary Album

Oh wow.  It's so fun for me to watch the show every morning.  Even when I'm on that week's particular show, I still have no idea how it will be edited and what will make it into each episode.  I am so happy that the husband from this album (Michael) was being filmed when he gave that small speech about how he felt about marrying his "ready-made" family.  It honestly was one of the sweetest things I have even witnessed a man say in front of an audience.  What a wonderful family they were!  I do every thing in my power not to tear up during "reveal" days but who could help me for getting a little misty-eyed for this one?


Selective Blindness Disorder... (Do you SEE the video at 2Peas ??)

I thought it was pretty funny how long the green banner was up at 2Peas with photos from the Ice Cream social linked into it. I didn't notice it for almost 5 days!  I have always been a very fast reader which means a little bit of selective reading of certain words, etc.  I'm sure I'm not alone on this which makes me wonder how many people are really watching the Scrapbook LifeStyle video that is right there in the side bar of the message boards- I bet a lot of people can't even SEE it! 

Today is Rhonna Farrer.  MAN what a bundle of energy!!!  I love her enthusiasm almost as much as I love that cute little owl on her "French Twist" line! 


Wendy Reed is joining us!

Scrapbook LifeStyle needed one more bubbly, cute scrapper to fill out our ranks and they have found the perfect one.  Now I have to add her to my entries about the designers on the show:


  • Wendy Reed:   Last summer, I was at my mother-in-law's house in Las Vegas and decided I need to spend a day out and about in Vegas but no one wanted to come (and why would they with the pool, all those movies and the snacks my MIL brings pool-side?).  I remembered that one of the "late night" message board ladies I had been chatting with lived in Vegas.  I simply sent her an Email with my cell number and Wendy called me right up and I was off to have a blind-date with her at her LSS/Starbucks.  It pays to stifle that shy instinct I have because I loved Wendy.  We spent hours talking about everything under the sun.  What a nice coincidence that I will now get to work with her! (don't blame me if you click on the link in her name and get annoyed by her skinny tummy, I had nothing to do with that picture!)

Woot! We're up on 2Peas!

Scrapbook LifeStyle has been working overtime!  The episodes for this week, including really great interviews with Heidi, Elsie, Tim and Rhonna (in the scrapbooking world, some people don't need last names, right?)  are right there  along side of the message board threads.  Just give that sidebar a click!  I'm so excited that the week I'm on happens to be this week- I love being at 2Peas!


Random Thoughts on the ScrapbookLifeStyle crew

As promised, some random thoughts on the diverse group of women I work with on ScrapbookLifeStyle (click on the highlighted names to go to individual blogs). 

  • Leah Fung:  Yep, she's just as nice as you imagine her.  I've yet to hear her say a bad word about anyone OR their scrapbook pages.  We love to tease her on set for her science background and her attention to detail.  I think we  get away with it because we obviously admire her.  I have to admit, I was a little awe-struck when I first met her filming the pilot!
  • Pattye Duffner:  If you've been watching the show since Season #1, you know Pattye is more than comfortable speaking her mind.  Occasionally this means I have to punch her in the arm after a take but it's all in fun.  She's the kind of friend you would want to go on a long road trip with because  you'd have a blast and you'd both be laughing all the time.   She is an interior designer when she's not working with us and I keep pretending to her that I've decorated my house with terrible things to tempt her to fly to my house and re-do everything.  So far no luck but I'll keep you posted.
  • Donna Salazar:  The yin to my yan, or so we've been told.  In Season #1, I was in a panic during a 90 minute challenge and ended up ripping up a layout Donna had almost completed to save myself.  Not something I would recommend at a crop but luckily, Donna had a good sense of humor about it.  She's our "arty girl"- if you look closely on the show, you'll see that's she's customized her show shirt with hand-drawn doodles.  We have plans to get together and make some doodled jeans for me the next time I visit her.  (Oh, and look at this gorgeous layout she made about our CHA experience:  CHA)
  • Melisa Sanchez:  In a word, Mel is hilarious.  She has a deadpan humor that is a nice break from a day of work.  She is an artist like Donna and is often hand painting her own scrapbook paper.  She's got the spirit of an entrepreneur and I can definitely imagine her having her own scrapbooking line of handpainted art some day.
  • Melissa Runcie:  Famous for her shoes (particularly when she wears high heels to big scrapbooking conventions), Melissa is another amazing designer on our show.  I don't know where she finds the time to do everything:  working, being a mom, creating scrapbooks for her own business, being on our show.  I do know that we are all very careful when she's driving now.  With Melissa, one wrong turn could add another hour  to a trip down the street.
  • Stephanie Barnard:  I'm starting to realize a pattern with all these women.  Stephanie is ALSO an amazing woman.  I don't even think I can list all of her scrapbooking credentials and that doesn't include what she does for her family and other job outside of the scrapbooking world.  She is the quintessential cheerleader, in my mind:  gorgeous, upbeat, and "perky" in a good way.  I remember finding her website when I was preparing to go tape the pilot of Scrapbook LifeStyle and being a tiny bit intimidated!
  • Johanna Peterson:  Again, another woman who can do it all.  She has been aptly nicknamed "McGyver" by the crew because Johanna is known for bringing the most  random items in to create a page.  Chicken wire, nuts and bolts, you name it, she's probably scrapped it.  Of all the gorgeous pages I've seen of hers, it's the jelly fish halloween costume she made for her daughter last year that amazed me the most.  It was creative and beyond cute.  I just have to figure out how to convince my 3 year-old that she'd be happier as a jelly fish than as Ariel this year!
  • Amelia Ulmer:  I wanted to stick strictly to cast members for this random thought entry because we work with so many talented people you don't see on camera but Amelia is popping up more and more and she let's viewers in on behind the scene interviews, etc.  She's another wonder woman.  It has been such a great experience watching and being able to help someone's vision become a realty.  As co-creator, Amelia is the creative force behind our show.   We affectionately call her "Mother Amelia" when she gently guides us through new experiences.  Mostly, I am quite envious of all the cute hairstyles she manages to pull off. 
  • Tony Barber:  Tony, Tony, Tony.  I get so many questions about what he's really like.  I think he's exactly what you see on the show: a guy who is comfortable hanging out with a big group of women and  a guy who has no problem being silly when the occasion calls for it.  I feel it's  like having a loveable little brother on the set (although some of our audience members have made it quite clear that they think he's loveable in a non-sisterly way!)

For My Eyes Only

Okay, not really.  I'm happy to have you, dear Unknown Reader, here on my first blog.  However, a tiny part of me is considering the possibility of spending so much time on this soon-to-be obsession of blogging that maybe, just maybe,  I'll start experiencing a decline in my eyesight.   I blame Scrapbooks Etc. contributing editor Erikia Ghumm and her super darling La Font glasses for making me look forward to this eventuality.  I got a glimpse of them at CHA and I've been jokingly cursing my 20/20 ever since.

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