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Vintage Typewriter to Vision Box

A few moths ago, I got an email from the fabulous Mark Montano asking if I would review a book he had coming out and write a blurb for it. I get fake-out emails frequently (I have a LOT of "friends" who get stranded overseas and need me to wire them cash) so I was a little skeptical but, sure enough, there was a scanned book attached. I read over it and, really and truly thought it was great so I wrote a little blurb I figured would never see the light of day. Well, guess what- Mark's book "Vision Box Idea Book" is now available at Amazon.com (and I assume your local bookstore, if those places are still in existence) and I'm positively giddy to see my name in such a great crafting book. Even better, I was quite seriously inspired by the message in the book [cue the revery music/ fade out]...

Somewhere in between seeing the sneak peek of Mark's book and getting a physical copy (and seeing that my endorsement made the final draft- have I mentioned that part?), I happened upon an old, out of shape typewriter at my local hipster second hand store. It was $9. I snatched it up and immediately became full blown psychosis paranoid that someone else in the store (empty) might catch wind of my unprecedented luck and wrench it right out of my mama bear-like embrace. It doesn't really type and some other mechanisms are out of wack but it had, as they say in real estate, good bones. Best of all, it's all mine.

DecoArts had just sent me a delicious little stash of Americana paint (thanks, guys!) and all I had to do was paint it my current favorite color, add some pink accent and be done. Right? No. Something wasn't quite "done" about it. So, my typewriter stayed that way until my copy of Vision Box Idea Book arrived. YES! The interior of a pretty out of shape typewriter is CLEARLY a Vision Box space for a little ballerina and cupcake fantasy scene. Even my 11 year-old son noticed this, without prompting, after spending a few mornings flipping through Mark's book (which I had coincedentally placed directly next to the painted but otherwise unadorned typewriter).

So here it is. A little Vision Box Idea Book inspired typewriter. I think it's adorable and I must admit I'm kind of proud of it even if (or maybe because) it really didn't take much time or effort on my part. And even if my 11 year-old would swear to you that he (with the help of Mark's book) thought up the whole idea all by himself. Either way, I feel like I've taken a wallflower of a typewriter and transformed it into a belle worthy of a ball. Now I have my eye on the gaping space (more of a large box really, when you think about it) that is our living room fireplace. You think Mr. Angela Daniels would notice if I... ?