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Glue Resist Tea Towels (As seen on Portland's KATU AM Northwest)

Halloween Glue Resist Tea TowelsHere's what you should know about my 3rd appearance on Portland's KATU news morning show AM Northwest:

1. Last time it was way worse (click on that to see what I mean- update: I'm still happily married).

2. This time I was prepared: I chose a project I knew inside and out. Unlike last time.

3. I fixed my crazy on-camera hair issues by figuring out how to get away with wearing a hat for my segment (see witch hat).

4. I still freaked out and stumbled a bit because:

a. The guests in the green room were more intimidating than the usual personable and cool local authors and cooks. First up: TOM GREEN for the love of Pete! I had to internalize a little fan girl moment. Then there was Derik Nelson aka The Unnamed Guitarist from Glee with his musician brother Dalten and sister Riana (the trio performed) plus a really sweet local dietician (hi Jessie!) and Ariel from Disney on Ice. Ariel. On ice.

b. And most notably, there was a full, live studio audience that I did not know about until I literally walked on to the sound stage to begin my segment. What- the- ?!?! I didn't expect that. So I was freaking out for a minute or two into my segment. Sigh. Anyway, here's the segment:


(I should note here, for the record,  I was clearly too old for the green room today- I'm the only one who recognized Tom Green and Tom Green and I were obviously the only one who didn't know who the Glee guy was. When Tom Green walked out to his interview, the young publicist said, "Hey- he was married to Drew Barrymore!" (she had Googled him, I think) and THEN the rest of the green room started wishing we had taken a photo with him. (We consoled ourselves by taking photos with each other instead but hey- Glee guy!)

I should also note I like to take advantage of the fact that my feet are never on camera so I wore my favorite rain boots. I looked a little crazy. Half witch/ half puddle jumper. Even Tom Green just kind of side-eyed me the whole time he was eating his donut. When Tom Green is looking at you like he's not sure what's going on with you, you know you're looking a little crazy).

But whatever. It was a cool experience as always and I got back on that horse after last time when I was pretty sure I'd never even talk to Mr. Guilty Crafter again OR go back on live TV. I have lived to tell the tale. I just have to figure out how to make it seem normal that I'm wearing a wig next time... 

As for my craft project, here's are the tips I didn't have time to truly emphasize on camera:

The main tips are these:

Yes, you can dye in a mason jar. It's just like dyeing an Easter egg. AND you keep the dye in the jar practically indefinitely. I have a few of these dyes under my sink for dye emergencies (that's a thing).

When you use glue as a resist, the best is Elmer's Blue Gel glue. It just is. 

Draw that glue on. There are no rules. Think of it as an unwieldy pen. The thicker the glue, the more effect you'll get.

Let that glue FULLY DRY, sister. No shortcuts. Use a blowdryer if you're impatient (been there, done that).

Go ahead and break the rules and use room temperature water with the liquid Rit Dye. If the water is super hot (as usually recommended), it starts to dissolve the glue and all your hard work washes away.

Shake that jar. Agitation and proper water volume is the key to getting an even dye job. Think of all that dye trying to flow into the fibers of your fabric. It's not going to happen if you project is wadded up in the jar and then quickly pulled out. You also need enough water to get in and around your fabric.

Little known fact- once you have pulled your project out of the jar, spray it with Rit Dye Fixative. For reals. Otherwise, a ton of color will rinse away in the next step. I'm not just saying this because I do consultant work for Rit Dye (but,disclaimer: I do). Spray, spray that fixative. 

Once you have all the fixative misted on to your fabric surface, pop it the project into a baggie, seal it and put the whole thing in the microwave for about 20 seconds. The steam will help the dye work it's way into the fabric fibers even better. DO NOT do this if your project has any metal on it (duh but you never know).

Now rinse that sucker WELL. Then wash it if you feel like you must. Let it dry. Iron if you must (but only if you're going to be on a live TV show and don't want to look messy- otherwise, don't bother, it's just a dish towel). 

I wish I had enough time to have shown this project
Use your tea towel for gifting a bottle of wine

And done. Cute, right?


Glue Resist Tea Towels for Halloween

It is 7 am, I'm all packed up and headed out the door to tape a craft segment for AM northwest in Portland. This time, no major catastrophes or marriage threatening events have occurred so I am optimistic (scroll down a few posts to see what happened last time I did a live craft segment on AM Northwest). Later today, I'll post a detailed tutorial on how to recreate my craft project and I'll post a link to the video from the show. Stay tuned and happy Halloween!