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I cook poorly, I craft obsessively and I love the look of a retro cocktail. When I am feeling guilty about taking time away from my family with my obsessions, I make videos about my guilt as "The Guilty Crafter" or I blog here. Thanks for stopping by!

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Glue Resist Tea Towels for Halloween

It is 7 am, I'm all packed up and headed out the door to tape a craft segment for AM northwest in Portland. This time, no major catastrophes or marriage threatening events have occurred so I am optimistic (scroll down a few posts to see what happened last time I did a live craft segment on AM Northwest). Later today, I'll post a detailed tutorial on how to recreate my craft project and I'll post a link to the video from the show. Stay tuned and happy Halloween!


Boo-(ze) Bags for Halloween

Like any good costume-wearing, candy-loving person, I love Halloween. Love. It's not surprising that I chose the subject of Halloween Boo Bags as my first Guilty Crafter video last year. So this year, when I was getting the neighborhood Boo Bags together with my kids, one of my friends remarked that I should put something into the kids' Boo bags for him. That's when the idea of "BOO-(ze) Bags" popped into my head (to be honest, I could swear I saw it as a Google search item while I was looking for Boo Bag Poems but I can't find it in that context now).


So if you've wanted to do Boo Bags but you don't have any kiddos around and you don't have any co-workers to Boo, I present to you my adult-oriented BOO-(ze) Bag idea:

You'll need to print out 2 things to add to your Boo'ze bags: 1) A Boo'ze Bag Poem (I just Googled "Boo Bag Poem," printed my favorite and added "ze" to the end of the word "Boo" everytime it appeared with a read pen). 2) An "I've Been Boo- (zed)" sign for your friend to hang up so everyone knows they've already had a turn at being "Boo-zed." I liked this one: 

 A great graphic to... I was going to say copy and print but I see that copyright there so... you do what you think is best. I may have printed this one out in defiance of copyright violations but I'll never tell. Anyway, the ghost is pretty fabulous but you can use it for inspiration and draw your own. Or buy the tshirt to wear while you're sneaking Boo-ze bags around to your friends.





Boo Bag Poems & Killing People with Craftiness

Thank you all so, so much for all the nice feedback and for "liking" The Guilty Crafter's Facebook page at Mr. Ask a Ninja is already thinking of new ideas for shooting November's shows based on some of the suggestions you've had.

 One thing I am trying to be better at is follow up so if you go to the Guilty Crafter Facebook page, I have posted a printable link to the Boo poem for those of you who have asked (finding and printing that poem is 1/2 the works sometimes, I swear). I also posted some photos of my kids getting ready to go Boo this week AND I posted some suggestions of how to Boo for those of you who assured me that your neighborhood is no fun at all. Personally, I'd boo cranky neighbors anyway until they finally gave in and played along (I am a big believer in killing people with craftiness) but I did think of some other options for you.

If you have November craft ideas you'd like to see, please post them on our Facebook page. I'd also love photos of any Boo bags or Boo bag ideas you have so please, post away!