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 My Crafting Resume

I am currently the Dyesigner Network Coordinator for Rit Dye at In short, if you make gorgeous dyed projects, I'd like to hire you- email me! Meanwhile, I am dyeing like crazy. It's fun and way more like dyeing Easter eggs than I imagined. I am also enjoying my new hometown of Portland, OR. where I have been featured on KATU's local newshow "AM Northwest." My recent experience as a contestant on TLC's "Craft Wars" (think "Cupcake Wars" but with more glitter and few more buises) was a great way to make sure every other TV experience I ever do again will seem like a breeze.

In the fall of 2011, I started a series of videos called "The Guilty Crafter." The videos are being produced and edited by the very talented Kent Nichols who is the co-creator of the popular series. I met Kent after he was lucky enough to get my very lovely cousin to fall in love with and marry him. Consequently, The Guilty Crafter is born of a little nepotism, a mutual love of social media, crafting and the need to always be doing something new and interesting when it comes to the internet.

Prior to my webseries, I had 4 years experience (2008-2012) as a lead brand ambassador for the award-winning grassroots community at The community concept was created in partnership with Fiskars and the amazingly inspirational brand identity company Brains on Fire. I couldn't have imagined a better job for me.  I get to meet with other crafters in person all over the United States and encourage & share their passion for scrapping.  And online? I think I've counted 70 countries that include my Fiskateer friends. One of these days, I'll map it all out on a pretty (handcrafted of course) map with pins but for now, I'm too busy just doing my thing. And that means a lot of writing, a lot of crafting and making a LOT of amazing connections with people who feel the way I do- that crafting isn't JUST crafting.  It's therapy, it's memory preservation, it's history and, most simply, it's a really satisfyingly good way to spend a nice day with friends.

Prior to my time as a Lead Fiskateer and discovering that I am The Guilty Crafter, I was also lucky enough to be an on-camera designer as well as  the Executive Editor for the first online scrapbooking reality show, Scrapbook Lifestyle, sponsored by Better Homes and Garden’s Scrapbooks Etc. magazine from 2005-2007. If you caught one of my episodes (and I have a few archived here on my blog), you’ve seen that I enjoy graphic style design with lots of color. I also dabble with digital scrapping and back then, as now, I loved sharing my passion for this hobby with others.  I also enjoyed providing all the editing and content for the official Scrapbook LifeStyle blog which is similar to what I do now for

I'm always interested in working on new projects for magazines, manufacturers and online sites. Through my association with Brains on Fire, I have come to feel passionately about their message regarding the power word of mouth movements and I've had the opportunity to speak with them about their message at some pretty fun venues. You can see those venues listed below as well as see where I've had my crafting work published over the past few years that I got addicted to this fun crafting world and see samples of my work at my online gallery or you can cut to the chase and E-mail me directly for more recent examples.  I'm always happy to share what I've been working on.

Published Pages and Practical Experience:

TV Experience

  • Contestant for TLC's Craft Wars. Episode "Trick or Trowel" (Summer 2012)

Online Video Experience 

Speaking Experience

  • 10 Lessons Learned from Igniting Word of Mouth Movements (National Restaurant Association Show with Geno Church, Brains on Fire. 2010)
  • Diva Craft Radio Guest (2009:
  • Fiskateer Case Study (2009: BlogHer Business)
  • Corporate Trainer (1992-2001) Once upon a time, before I had children I wanted to maximize my time with, I was a professional corporate trainer and people came to me to learn all manner of corporate subjects. It was fun (and I love a captive audience)  but I got tired of a daily diet of donuts. Not to mention, my presentations were on often on clear transparencies and I started wishing I could do something a little more creative and a little more colorful but I did learn to love speaking to big crowds and I jump at the chance to do public speaking whenever I can.

Brains on Fire: Igniting Powerful, Sustainable, Word of Mouth Movements

  • I was thrilled to be asked to contribute some of my thoughts on Word of Mouth Movements, gathered from my experience as a brand evangelist, in this great business book. You can find quotes from me in the introduction on page xxxii and page 142


  • Fall Issue  (2012)- upcoming publication
  • "Good Eats"Apron (Apron*ology, Volume 3, 2010)
  •  Apron (Apon*ology, Volume 2, 2009)

Altered Couture

  • Mother & Daughter Plumage Tights (Altered Couture Winter issue 2011)
  • Shirt to Skirt project (Altered Couture Winter issue-2009)

Scrapbooks Etc.

  • "Lunch Notes" altered project (August/Sept 2007)

Scrapbook Trends

  • “I Remember” layout – (“Fast and Fabulous” issue 2007)
  • “Buzz” layout- (upcoming “Fast and Fabulous” issue 2007)
  • "Papa & Tabitha"- (June issue 2007)
  • Bronty’s Heart” layout - (September 2005)
  • “So Dee-dee” layout- (Family Book 2005)

Bead Trends

  • Mermaids in Manhattan necklace (August 2009)

Memory Makers

  • “Sushi" Layout (Idea Book, Winter 2007)
  • "Rose" Layout (Idea Book, Winter 2007)
  • "Kid Free" Layout (Idea Book, Winter 2007)
  • “Little Red Riding Hood" Layout (October 2006)

Scrapbooking Memories (Australia)

  • “Lake Tahoe” digital layout - (Summer Issue 2007)

Somerset Publications

  • “A Lifetime of Homes" Layout/mini album (summer issue 2007)
  • "Mama's Wedding Dress"  (April/ May issue 2008)

Paper Trends

  • “Altered Pants” mixed media (Aug/Sept 2006)
  • “Why I Scrap” project- (Dec/Jan 2005)
  • “Birthday Invitation” card- (Oct/Nov 2005)

Simple Scrapbooks

  • ”Vacation Still Life"photo - Focus on Photos Column (July 2006)

Leisure Arts Books

  • "Sparky" (upcoming publicaion- Summer 2007)

Cantata Books

  • “Hip Chick” layout- Kodak Book published by Cantata (Spring 2006)
  • “Cosmo and the Peeps” layout- Cantata Books Pet Book (Fall 2006)

Product Design

Freelance Work

  • Dyesigner Network Coordinator for Rit Dye at (2013- current)
  • Lead Brand Ambassador/ Fiskateer for (2008-2012)
  • 2 greeting cards sold to the Styrofoam Puffy Paper manufacturer for use in their trade shows (September 2005)
  • 5 projects sold to C & T Publishing for packaging graphics, trade shows and publications (Featured in their fall 2006 publication entitled: "Board Book Play from A to Z"- 4 more to be featured in upcoming publications 2007)
  • Product Packaging for C & T Publishing, 2007

Teaching Experience 

My job as Lead Fiskateer had me traveling to major crafting conventions and events all over the United States, all year long. I teach, I demo'ed new products and I partnered with other vendors to showcase their consumables, too.  I try to be at a major event at least once per month- if you have an event you'd like me to visit, please email me at I'd love to hear about it!

  • Maker Faire, 2011, 2012 (I was awarded an Education Award for 2011)
  • Fiskars classes, Cropapalooza, Reno 2008
  • Various classes in conjunction with
  • Fiskars Classes, ScrapFest, Mall of America, 2008
  • Scrapping classes at Scrapbook Cottage (Reno, NV)
  • Former corporate trainer with 10 years experience in public speaking and adult education

Design Teams