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 What are ScrapSecrets? 
Well as you might have guessed, I'm a Post Secrets fan which led me to think.. wouldn't it be funny to ask my scrapping friends THEIR  deepest, darkest. most funny scrapbook-related "ScrapSecrets?" They've been sending them to me for months in the form of scanned or photographed 4 x 6 postcards.  My digitally gifted friends simply send me a digital image of their funny secrets. 
If you are similarly inspired by these funny little thoughts, I  would love to have you email one to me just use the "contact me" part of the blog and I'll direct you on how to send me an image to post.  (you can even create an anonymous email account to help keep yourself secret). My goal is to post on new ScrapSecret every Friday on my blog.  Once it's been posted, I will move it to the archives here. (check them out- I promise you'll identify with at least one!)
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