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I am a former work-aholic turned mostly-stay-at-home mom. My neighborhood seems to be some kind of wrinkle in time and it's mostly the 1950's around here. We have block parties, our kids all play together and even the adults like to hang out together. Maybe it's that or maybe it was the gorgeous pistachio KitchenAid I got for my birthday but I have been inspired to try and live up to the TV ideal of the 1950's housewife (without the laundry). I'm slowly (and sometimes painfully) trying to learn to cook, sometimes I attempt to sew a little something and I craft a lot. Oh and I don't mind a cute cocktail now and then either. They can help. My attempts at TV perfection don't always end up as I had hoped.

This blog chronicles the  stories of my quest to become a domestic goddess and most of them are true.