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Angela Daniels

Social Media Obsessed Individual for Hire

If you're looking for a freelance social media enthusiast with a fun, crafty personality, look no further. I've organized my work experience into categories you may be interested in (below). Feel free to browse my blog for more about my crazy, crafty life. Email me directly at


Igniting Passion in Others

This is what I do best.  When I like something, I don't just like it- I LOVE it. I want everyone to share in my enthusiasm for new discoveries. I believe my type of passion can be ignited in anyone to promote a movement, a brand, a whole community. I lead by example and I love nothing more than encouraging others to be loudly, brightly (and sometimes weirdly) passionate about what they love. Here is an interview I did to illustrate how I feel about igniting passion in others. (It's worth a click just to see the photos I shared of some amazing fans I met at a crafting event): 

Leadership Skills

I was a Lead Fiskateer for Fiskars' Forrester Research Groundswell Award winning oline community from 2008 to 2012. During my tenure, we experienced an increase in membership from approximately 2,000 community members to over 10,000. Prior to my work in the crafting industry, I enjoyed a career as a corporate trainer teaching everything from management leadership skills to retail customer service techniques.

Community Building

As a lead brand ambassador for Fiskars' Fiskateer community, my directive was to inspire a community of online crafters, leading by example. During my 4 year tenure, I wrote over 600 unique blog posts on a variety of creative topics, traveled the country teaching crafting as well as developing and hosting meet-ups for community members. I also created unique crafting tutorials and general outreach videos, set up and managed the community's Twitter account and Facebook fan page. I encouraged participation from the over 10,000 community members by hosting blog hops, creating and developing online challenges and parties and by encouraging community members to become guest bloggers.

Event Organization and Promotion

I have a passion for organizing and executing events that bring people together to celebrate grassroots movements. I have organized and hosted events all over the United States as Lead Brand Ambassador for Fiskars Corporation. I also planned and hosted hundreds of training events in my years as a corporate trainer.

One of the largest events I developed for Fiskars was a branding event for over 100 regional participants from our online "Fiskateer" community. Fiskars gave me a $1000 dollar budget to create the event and gave me just one objective: make it fun and have it reflect your area. With a historic mining town up the road from me, it was my pleasure to create a fun, branded event that our community talked about for years afterward. Sadly, the site has since closed but there are still blog posts written from the perspective of some of the participants who attended:

A re-cap of the event:

Virginia City Fisk-a-Friendzy Recap

Social Network Skills

I am an enthusiastic, early adaptor to many new online social media tools as they are introduced. I appreciate the nuances of different social media tools and understand how they can be employeed as a whole to create a greater social media outreach experience. I have run multiple platforms for an online webseries (Scrapbook LifeStyle) as well as various social media accounts representing the Fiskars consumer crafting community.

Currently, I manage the following social networking accounts on my own behalf:

As the Host of my original webseries "The Guilty Crafter"

Under my own name

Blogging & Internet Writing Skills

As an English major in college, I once had to write a 10 page paper analyzing a 10 line poem. I have never stopped enjoying the creative outlet of writing and writing prolifically. You can find samples of my work here on my personal blog which I have managed for the past 6 years. I am proud of the 4 years worth of blog post entries I wrote for Fiskars on their (now closed) Fiskateer site. I ended up loggin over 600 unique blog post entries!

Public Speaking Experience

Speaker, National Restaurant Association (2010)

"10 Lessons Learned from Igniting Word of Mouth Movements: Learn how word of mouth marketing works and get tips to identify movement-building opportunities for your brand, with authenticity and clear ROI. Word of mouth expert Geno Church of Brains on Fire and Fiskars' “Fiskateer” ambassador and movement builder Angela Daniels will highlight successful word of mouth marketing case studies and arm you with strategies you need to begin a movement within your own organization." 

Panelist, BlogHer Business Conference (2009)

"The Fiskars case study focused on building deeper relationships with their customers. They recruited customer advocates to be “Fiskateers”, leaders and evangelists online and off. Fiskars Director of PR Suzanne Fanning, Brains on Fire agency account advocate, Carrie Woodward and Fiskateer Angela Daniels shared why the program worked and how Fiskars defined success." 

Scheduling Guest Interviews

I frequently booked influencer guests for Fiskars.  To maximize a personal connection with my guest and audience, I would typically write a short blog post and then schedule my guests to interact with our community in an instant chat format. 

The last season of Scrapbook LifeStyle, I booked all the guests and was responsible for all the pre-video prep and content involving the guests.

I have also been a frequent guest for blogs across the internet myself. Here are a few example interviews I've done:

What the Guilty Crafter Can Teach You About Crafting Without Guilt 

Radio Presence

I have also experienced being a guest for radio programming and have done numerous interviews on behalf of companies I have worked with.

Here's an example of a radio interview I did with FaveCrafts radio:

Here's an example of a radio interview I did for Diva Craft Radio (fast forward to 38:30):

Published Work

You can find an extensive list of publications I have had art work featured in on my "Crafting Resume" page.

I am most proud to have been quoted (twice!) in the fantastic business book Brains on Fire: Igniting Powerful, Sustainable, Word of Mouth Movements  which can be found at bookstores around the country and at 

Travel on behalf of the organizations

I have spent years traveling and meeting thousands of people on behalf of organizations. I am a natural brand evangelist and I love meeting new people and sharing my passion for what I do. 

Event reporting

A large percentage of what I blog about, both personally and professionally, involves sharing what I have experienced while traveling and meeting people. Here is a recent example of a blog post I wrote after attending Burning Man for the first time:

What I Learned at Burning Man 

Video editing

I currently co-produce my own crafting web series called The Guilty Crafter. You can find the videos at BlipTV and YouTube.

I have made a series of video tutorials specifically for which are hosted on YouTube.

I was the assistant show editor for the MeredithCorporation's Better Homes and Garden's Online Scrapbooking show "Scrapbook LifeStyle." You can see our final episode with rolling credits here:
BHG Angela Daniels: Recycled Scraps

Photoshop skills

I was the Adobe Photoshop Elements on-camera expert for Scrapbook LifeStyle. Each episode of the show ended with a photo editing tip I developed and presented.

Here is an example blog post I wrote a few years ago illustrating how to enhance photos using Adobe Photoshop products:

PSE 5.0: Gotta Love it

Web design

I have some experience and a lot of enthusiasm for the web design. While I'm by no means an expert, I have customized and re-branded my own blog several times here at SquareSpace over the past 6 years.

Community Outreach

I strongly believe in creating community in every area of my life. I don't just do this for a living, I want to surround myself by creative, enthusiastic people in all facets of my life. I am a regular, reoccuring guest on Portland, Oregon's "AM Northwest" where I showcase quick, easy craft projects live and on-air. I also served as the VP of Philanthropy for my local National Charity League chapter and have spent time volunteering for my local library, Sisters of the Road Cafe and the Portland Fruit Tree project, just to name a few philanthropies I have enjoyed working for.